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Next Stop North Carolina

We always knew that at some point we would need to move permanently to North Carolina we just didn’t know when. With the Cottage fully built and ready for occupancy we continued to go back and forth between Florida and North Carolina preparing for our first planting. Keep in mind that during this time something called a pandemic hit us and put a wrinkle into things. With continued preparation we had our barn built and had everything in place apart from making the actual move to NC. Having the barn built was the final preparation for the move as we will use it not only for the tractor and such, but to store our household items until we get our house built. Both my wife and I still work full times jobs to keep the bills paid until we can start having income from the vineyard and winery! With the advent of all the remote work taking place during this time we put a line in the sand (no pun intended) and put things in motion to permanently move to NC. The move in date was set. We began the whirl wind of packing, selling our house and the actual drive to permanently become North Carolina residents and fully commit to the venture. We are enjoying being North Carolina residents and now can focus on the next steps of beginning the vineyard. Vineyard story to be continued...

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