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We are land owners

So we purchased the property now the real work begins. So where do we start, good question to ourselves! In total we purchased a little over 18 acres. Part of the property was cleared and part not. We have about 6 -7 acres that is wooded and loaded with heavy underbrush. The previous owners had forested some of this but left the stumps. First on the agenda find someone that would clear some of the woods and take out all of the tree stumps that were left behind. I lined up 3 different contractors and met them at the property over a weekend to have them bid on the land clearing. What an adventure that was, I’ll save the stories for you for when we are open and we both have time to sit back and laugh. Long story short we found our team to do the land clearing, local folks with kind hearts. After a hand shake the deal was sealed (that’s part of the story too). We had the acreage cleared along with the old tobacco terracing toned down. This was no easy feat. The bulldozer arrived and the true work began. We had not determined yet what we would do with the stumps. I called the NC Dept of Forestry and was told to bury them versus burning them. We had to bring in a large backhoe and dug a trench to push the stumps into. That was really awesome to see this work being done with the heavy equipment. What a site to see, a clean slate for the imagination. Standing at the top of the ridge and taking a mental survey of the property, we didn’t realize how much land there was under all that heavy brush and briars, but I have the scars from walking it all before the clearing began. Now the real planning begins, where to put the structures to provide a good view and maximize the space for the vineyard. At this point we had been making so many trips back and forth to NC that we needed a place to stay that was close to the property so we could work it and build it out. Easier said than done! Stay tuned.

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I (Scott) have made beer in the past and my wife and I really enjoy wine. So one day she says, "people say your beer is good why don’t you make me some wine since I don’t like beer". Living in Florida


Looking forward to your opening!!!!


Wow this looks like a wonderful adventure and a great place for folks to visit soon!

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