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When we decided that we were going to have a Vineyard and Winery we knew we would eventually move to NC permanently, just not when. Have I told you we are blessed? Well God has blessed us and our venture immensely. As I have said in previous blog we had been making a lot for trips to NC and the hotel/motel costs were not cheap over time. God put someone in our lives that helped us out with negating the hotel costs and offering us a place to stay when we made our trips to NC.

So we had the property cleared, our well put in and began the search for a place to stay for our numerous trips to building out Castello Barone. We met with a realtor, builders and scoured the rental property listings. The more we walked the property the more we leaned towards building a small cottage on the property that we could ultimately rent out for a Winery and Vineyard experiences. We knew we would build our next permanent home on the property, but we couldn’t do that while still maintaining a home in Florida. So where on the property would we put the small cottage. We found the perfect spot, on the Northwest corner of the property. We started looking for an architect and during this time some more land became available adjacent to our current property. We ended up purchasing an additional 5 acres which worked out great as it gave us an excellent place to put the cottage. With the plans completed for the cottage we put the construction out for bid. Fast forward to selecting Chuck Wallace Construction to build our cottage what we affectionately call Villa Barone. Villa Barone will ultimately be available for rent after we build our actual house.

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